Our Beginnings - GKX Mallet

A bridal and designer house launched in 2011, based out of Amritsar, the brand’s design philosophy is intrinsically woven into the city’s  cultural contrasts while seeking inspiration from the modern day luxury.

Every piece at GKX-Sitara  is created using the finest attention to detail and a refined sense of craftsmanship. The main focal area being high end bridal wear, the founders believe in providing an experience that can make the garment buying process memorable. 

The brand aims to connect with its customers by personally engaging with them and understanding their needs. It is known for its hospitality, patience and involvement in the whole process from surfing to delivery with the client. 


The urge and the want to set a trend in a small town by offering more than what is expected by the customer led to Sitara’s birth. It is beyond a brand, it is an experience we want to offer. Our heart and soul is put into presenting to you what you wear, to make you feel good in your skin and at affordable prices. Sitara wanted to be accessible to every customer out there. It aimed to make the wedding day special for a bride by curating fashion with love. 

Over the years Sitara has seen a lot of happy faces at exhibitions across India and internationally which include Divalicious & Numaish in Dubai, Wedding Asia, Celebrating Vivaah.

Meet the founders

Gaurav Khanna

Focused and driven to take the family business to the next level, Gaurav only looked to the next milestone to embark upon.

He has added new verticals every year to offer more variety to the existing customer base. His vision is to make Sitara a go to and trustworthy fashion house for not only households in India but internationally too.

Saurabh Khanna

Inspired by glamour and a fire in the belly, Saurabh embarked on the journey of creating Sitara a respectable brand it is today.

Coming from a background in the entertainment industry and his experiences with people from varied backgrounds, he realised the thirst of an aspiring customer and also the scope of creating panache with his flare of the fashion space. Dreamer, explorer and a sports enthusiast trying to bring smiles to people’s faces wherever he goes.